Lower East Side Multidisciplinary Artist/Musician/Painter/Creator


Phoebe in her art studio with her paintings


NEWS FLASH: PHOEBE LEGERE LIVE in MEDFIELD,MA on Sept.25th singing original songs from her upcoming album.

PHOEBE LEGERE coined the phrase Total Art Synthesis.


Through July her work will be on display at SUPER CHIEF GALLERY on 11th St. in New York City.

What is a Phoebe Legere collectible NFT?

NFT's are ART : Painting, Animation, Original Music, Science, Math and Metaphysics.

"NFT's are very short art movies you own and trade. NFT's are an exquisite use of the blockchain. Now the provenance of an artwork is irrefutable, and unassailable." - Legere


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phoebe driving her Shamancycle

"Her Voice goes from a blues wail to a sob, soaring to a crystal clear clarion cry in a heartbeat...Her band is excellent."-New York Post

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Legere was signed to Epic Records- opened for David Bowie on his National Tour -led highly influential downtown bands - was resident composer for the Wooster Group - has paintings in major museums and collections -

    The New York Times raved: “Legere plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing.” This “multi-keyboard, vocal wizard” (CBS) has been compared to:

    • “The female Beethoven” (Paper Magazine)
    • “The female Frank Zappa” (Billboard)
    • “The female Bobby Short” (LIz Smith, NY Daily News)
    • “Plays like Jerry Lee Lewis” (Proctor Lippincott, NY Times)
    • “Mick Jagger with an accordion” (Washington Post)
    • “Sounds like Edith Piaf” (Proctor Lippincott, New York Times)
    • “Echoes of Yma Sumac and Maria Callas” (Stephen Holden, New York Times)
    • “Reminds me of Dorothy Donegan” (John Wilson, NY Times)
    • “As witty as Dorothy Parker” (Ruddy Cheeks, The Phoenix)
    • “She's witty and beautiful like a Carole Lombard” (Studs Terkel, NPR)
    • “Blessed with a swinging croon as dynamic as Judy Garland's; magnetic intensity that recalls Carol Channing; and a swaggering exuberance that would wow Ethel Merman, Phoebe Legeres talent is the sort that uplifts sinking ships" (Theater Scene)
    • "Legere is an internationally recognized high art CULTURE ICON who happens to play the blues with cosmic conviction...while singing in French, Chinese, Spanish or Abenaki...probably drawing or painting in between songs...wearing some costume so original that it would shock someone born 30 years from now...all the while cracking self-deprecating jokes, to put you at ease, because otherwise you might fall madly in love. While you are catching your breath you realize it is more than love...It is that vital, ineffable thing that only Art can touch or express and Phoebe Legere has it. Legere is the Music of creation." (Performance Journal)

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Phoebe Legere's Eagle vehicle, the legendary SHAMANCYCLE

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