Musician and Artist in New York, NY

Phoebe Legere, a musician and artist in New York, NY, offers her eclectic Blues, Folk, and Cajun stylings in song to an ever-growing audience. She’s also an award-winning Cajun accordion player, powerful vocalist, adept guitarist, and a Blues piano player as well.

Groundbreaking Music

Some of the fantastic music from this award-winning songwriter includes, “Last Tango in Bubbleland,” “Amazing Love,” and "I Love Myself When I'm With You," from her live jazz album, “Ooh la la Coq Tail.”

Amazing Talent

The talent of Phoebe Legere will take your breath away, NPR has said about her critically acclaimed, musical performances. This writer and performer is a Vassar graduate who comes from French Canadian and Native American stock and produces melodious Acadian music styles as well as vibrant Cajun tunes and folk songs with Native American accents. Her music is timeless and inimitable.

Stories in Song

Phoebe Legere is a storyteller. Her song “Love Bubble,” tells of the cruel fate of a beautiful drug dealer named Angel and the man who murdered her. The “Wrong Honky Tonk,” considers a woman’s reaction and response to betrayal. Her song, Marilyn Monroe is considered by many to be her most seminal musical work.

New Classical and Experimental

New Classical and Experience

Common Root of All Organisms

Dark Energy 

Never Again 


Mother Symphony 

Blue Curtain

The Prairie 


Astrophysics for Young Lovers 

Dark Harbor

Other music includes “4 Nurses of the Apocalypse,” “X-Rated American,” and “Creation Hymn,” from the album, “Children of the Dawn.”


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